Shipley Do-Nuts – A Houston Icon

Shipley Do-Nuts is an American coffeehouse chain and doughnut maker. It currently has more than 300 franchise locations throughout the Southern United States, including Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Florida. The chain’s apex-crowning Do-Nut is a Texas icon. But what is its true mission? The company’s mission is to serve the best doughnuts and coffee in the world, and to do it through a variety of innovative ideas. Going Here official site

The company started as a single location that served hot glazed donuts. In 1926, this small, hometown operation was able to attract generations of do-nut lovers. In addition to the donuts, Shipley Do-Nuts has a commitment to giving back to the community in the year 2021. The company is a proud sponsor of the Coffee with a Cop program in the Houston Independent School District, which allows elementary school children to spend a day with a police officer while enjoying a donut.

This family-owned business has more than three hundred locations throughout  and Tennessee. The company’s most popular Donut is the plain glazed variety, but customers can choose from a variety of other flavors. In addition to traditional donuts, the brand also sells warm kolaches and other delicious treats. Whether you’re looking for a delicious breakfast or a quick lunch, the Shipley Do-Nuts chain offers great value for money.

In addition to serving a delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Shipley Do-Nuts has been a Houston institution for decades. The brand is so popular that local celebrities have joined the cause. Grammy-winning singer Lizzo even posted a video of herself dancing in front of a Shipley Do-Nuts location. Another prominent celebrity that has gotten involved with the Houston business is rapper Travis Scott. Kylie Jenner recently visited Houston’s Shipley Do-Nuts location and shared a photo with fans.

For anyone considering a franchise opportunity, it’s important to understand how much money it will take to start a successful Do-Nuts franchise. Franchisees should expect to invest up to $340,000. Shipley Do-Nuts operates more than two-hundred franchise locations across the U.S. and is actively recruiting new franchisees in these markets. You should understand that the business is an investment and needs a solid return on your investment.

Whether you want a cake donut or filled, the donuts at Shipley Do-Nuts are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. In addition to the classic flavors, the doughnuts are filled with various types of fillings, including strawberry, cream, and devil’s food. While most donuts are made with sugar, some varieties are made with yeast, making them a fluffier option than traditional cakes.

There are more than 190 Shipley Do-Nut locations in seven states. These donuts have a long history, starting in 1936 when they were rolled by hand. In the 1940s, they were sold on the retail market. Their prices have increased significantly since then, but they remain a bargain. Despite the price increase, shipping from Canada and the U.S. has increased the price to a few dollars per dozen.