Roof Replacement Explained

Reinforce Your Roof with hurricane tie-downs. Reinforced trusses are an excellent way to improve the durability of your roof. Combine them with existing trusses for a stronger roof and better overall stability. These tie-downs will add stability to the roof and prevent the roof from flying off. Here are some other ways to reinforce your roof. Check This Out Read on to learn more. **Aren’t you glad you have reinforced your roof?

Garage doors are another potential weak point when it comes to high winds, and failing to properly secure them can lead to roof failure. If you don’t have hurricane shutters, you can retrofit your garage with wind-load garage doors. Hurricane straps and ties can be installed at joints to increase the stability of the structure. Hurricane ties can also be used to create a continuous load path. These techniques can be effective for homes with garage doors.

Summer tornadoes are a common occurrence in the Midwest United States. This year, more than 200 tornadoes have struck the Midwest region. Tornadoes can cause damage to roofs, so you’ll want to protect your home by securing your roof. If your roof is flat, check it for loose items such as lawn chairs, outdoor furniture, toys, lights, and ornaments. You should also remove any objects that hang from the roof and secure them somewhere safe.

Find the leak. Often, a leak will be difficult to locate without help. To identify the spot, you can use a garden hose. Start soaking the area downhill. Next, spray the sides and top. You can have a helper stay inside the house and wait for the drip. You can run the hose for a while in a single area, yelling “leak” every time the hose drips.

Check for missing or cracked caulk. Even small holes in your shingles can cause leaks and rot. These small holes can be caused by satellite dishes, antenna mounting brackets, and other items. You should pull and patch any nails exposed during the roofing repair. Small holes in a roof are usually easy to repair. You don’t have to replace the whole roof, but a small hole can lead to a lot of trouble if it’s not fixed.

When replacing shingles, be sure to choose shingles that match. This will preserve the integrity of the roof while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home. Never use nails that have exposed heads, as these can easily fall out. Instead, cover them with a roofing sealant or caulk. You can also use a crowbar to lift loose flashing. Keeping nails properly secured with caulk or roofing sealant will help prevent leaks and other damage to the roof.