Divorce & Family Lawyers- Intro

Finding the right Divorce Lawyer is crucial. The first step in the hiring process is finding one with a reputation for success. Attorneys who specialize in particular divorce issues are the most qualified for the job. For example, attorneys who focus on complex asset division are better prepared to handle the case if the spouses have children. Moreover, attorneys who have extensive experience in family law and are well-respected will have a leg up on other lawyers in their field. official website Divorce & Family Law Group by Sterling Lawyers, LLC

After narrowing your short list to three, interview the top candidates and ask them to provide a free consultation. Some may offer this service, but you should budget for a few paid meetings with potential candidates. The meetings should allow you to get a sense of the attorney’s approach and your expectations for the divorce process. You should also be able to gauge his or her level of comfort in working with you and other clients. Then, decide how much the attorney will cost.

When choosing a divorce lawyer, make sure you have all the information on hand. Among the most important questions an attorney will ask are: what is your current income, what is your current property, what are the major assets you and your spouse own? What assets are you sharing with your spouse? Does your spouse have any investments? If so, make sure to share these information with the attorney during the first meeting. You’ll also want to explain what assets you have and where they are located.

Another important question that arises in the hiring process is how much money the divorce lawyer will charge. Many divorce cases last a long time and attorneys will advise clients on their pendente lite rights, or temporary relief, if necessary. Typically, temporary relief will be secured through filing motions and stipulations between the parties’ attorneys. Even though equitable distribution is never temporarily determined, this can help your family manage your day-to-day problems until your case goes to trial or settles.

Experience is also an important factor in hiring a divorce lawyer. Attorneys who have a proven track record of success are highly recommended. If you feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed, you can contact an attorney who has a reputation for success. For more than 35 years, Lois M. Brenner, Esq., has helped clients negotiate divorce settlements and postnuptial agreements. The firm provides personalized attention to clients and avoids frivolous drama. In addition to his impressive record, he has also appeared on Good Morning America and Oprah.

The cost of hiring a divorce lawyer can vary wildly. Some lawyers charge anywhere from $7,000 to $28,000 or more. You can try to save money by withdrawing funds from your 401(k) account before the divorce. However, you should note that automatic temporary restraining orders can prevent you from withdrawing money from your retirement accounts until the divorce is finalized. Many states now have fee-waiver options, which allow you to avoid court fees. Finally, consider looking into a divorce attorney provided by a legal aid society.