CertainTeed shingles – Explained

If you’re thinking of replacing your aging roof, certainTeed shingles may be the right choice for you. These shingles are heavy asphalt shingles that offer excellent coverage against the elements. To see a few colors, you can visit the CertainTeed website and view the different color variations available. If you’d like to try a color before buying, you can upload a picture of your home. If you’d rather choose a color by looking at a sample home, use the ColorView visualizer to select a shade. official site
Choosing CertainTeed shingles is an excellent choice for homeowners. The company offers extensive support for contractors and homeowners who want to install their shingles. The site has tips for installing CertainTeed shingle products and information on current and upcoming labor shortages. Subscribers to the CertainTeed shingle blog can sharpen their product knowledge and share it with homeowners. They can also download shipping reports to keep track of their orders.
The company’s website offers many options for shingle installation. For example, if you’re not a roofing professional, the CertainTeed Connect site offers a list of dozens of different shingles. You can also look up your order history, view pricing, and download shipping reports. In addition to the website, CertainTeed provides helpful tips for installing their products. If you’re a contractor, you can also use the blog to stay informed of new innovations and information about the newest technologies in roofing.
While it is important to choose a certain brand for your roof, the best way to ensure a long-lasting roof is to go with a quality roofing product from CertainTeed. Their shingles are made with durable, high-quality materials that will last for decades. They are also compatible with other roofing materials. Choosing a shingle from the Right Source is the most important step to a successful roofing project.
You can buy CertainTeed shingles online, or you can contact a certainTeed representative in your area. In addition to the web site, a customer can also place orders, review their order history, and download shipping reports. Once you’ve placed your order, you can easily follow up with a particular shingle installer. Moreover, the company’s master shingle installation experts are certified by the Better Business Bureau and have extensive knowledge of your roofing system.
There are a number of types of CertainTeed shingles available for your home. For the best results, use the best type of shingle for your roof. It will last for many years and will protect your home from the elements. A good warranty will cover the cost per square foot. You can also compare different types of shingles with the same manufacturer. There are various advantages and disadvantages of each type of shingle.